Expert System and CLIPS

Expert system with forward reasoning, CLIPS overview
Symbolic Logic

Backward inference and Forward inference

Forward reasoning to infer from facts, backward reasoning to formulate and organize hypotheses

Clojure core.logic and miniKanren

core.logic for logic programming in Clojure

Prolog and Knowledge Information Processing

Overview of Prolog used for artificial intelligence and logic programming

Protected: public-key cryptography algorithm

Public Key Cryptography Algorithms for the Education of Beginners
機械学習:Machine Learning

Overview of deep learning methods

Overview of deep learning for beginners, classification by the Artificial Intelligence Society, hierarchical neural networks, coders, restricted Boltzmann machines.
データベース技術:DataBase Technology

About Redis (Overview and basic use)

Using Redis, a high-speed key-value database, with Clojure

Clojure and Redis(Using Redis in Clojure)

Using Redis, a high-speed key-value database, with Clojure

State management and loosely coupled functions in Clojure

Overview of Clojure State Management and Su Binding for Beginner Education
データ圧縮/セキュリティ:Data compression and security

Protected: error-correcting code algorithm

Overview of Error Correcting Code Algorithm, Self Correcting Error Algorithm, Hamming Code, Checksum Trick, Two Dimensional Parity